About us

Who We Are

We are a medical group committed to excellence in hospital care and warm human treatment to the patient, with more than 30 years of experience, and as a leading institution in cutting edge technology, strategically located in the south of Puerto Vallarta.  

Medassist Hospital is the only hospital in the south of the city that has all the equipment for life support, this is integrated of: Intensive care, emergency room, areas equipped with the most modern digital artificial respirators and complementary equipment for critical medicine, in addition to modern therapeutic systems and other emergency response equipment that make the difference in hospital care, supported by highly qualified, professional and human staff, allowing us to make the most of the facilities and infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, for the patients’ companions, we have a terrace restaurant with excellent service and a wonderful view of the Bay.


To provide high quality services and humane treatment, with the patient as the center of our attention, transcending in the care of their health.


To be the best in the health care of our community and the best alternative for the integral development of our health professionals